Indonesia Visa: e-Visa Provides Ease for Visa Processing


Simplify your visa processing with e-Visa for Indonesia, making travel to this beautiful country a breeze.

In an era of digital transformation, governments worldwide are adopting innovative measures to enhance public services. Indonesia, through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, recently took a significant leap by launching an electronic visa service (e-Visa) aimed at simplifying processes, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

The e-Visa initiative not only streamlines services for residents but also sends a positive signal to prospective foreign tourists planning to explore Indonesia post-pandemic. By facilitating easy access, the government aspires to catalyze growth in the tourism sector and boost Indonesia’s creative economy, all while prioritizing safety in tourism destinations.

With this service, foreign citizens (WNA) no longer need to go directly to Indonesian Representatives abroad or the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration to process, collect, or stick a visa sticker on their passport. Through the e-Visa service, foreigners who intend to enter Indonesia now only need to apply for a visa online.

Following are the steps to apply for an e-Visa:

– Open the page service (e-Visa)

– Register

– Input data and upload personal data requirements (individuals/corporations)

– Wait for the notification containing the username and password

– Apply for Visa Approval

– Log in to the app using the submitted username and password

– Select the type of visa to apply for, input data, and upload required documents

– Make PNBP payments (make sure the data input and conditions are correct because if the payment is rejected, it cannot be withdrawn)

– If approved, you will receive notification via e-mail

The e-Visa application can be made wherever the applicant is located. The verification process will be carried out faster; namely, in 2 (two) working days, the visa will be sent to the applicant. In order to cut bureaucracy, both applicants and guarantors will no longer meet physically but will be sent directly via electronic mail. If foreign citizens (WNA) have received an e-Visa, they can immediately travel to Indonesia.

So, this ease of access is one of the points that support the development of tourism in Indonesia after the pandemic. With this innovation, it is hoped that potential tourists who intend to visit Indonesian tourism destinations after the pandemic will also increase.

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