Whoosh! High-Speed Train Dynamic Fares Starting at Rp150k!


Hello, Whoosh enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for some exhilarating news about your beloved High-Speed Train adventures. Commencing February 3, 2024, KCIC is rolling out an exciting pricing update for the Premium Economy class Whoosh High-Speed Train fares, adding a dash of dynamism to your travel experience and making it more adaptable and budget-friendly.

Whoosh High-Speed Train / source: kcic.co.id

Whoosh! High-Speed Train Dynamic Fares Starting at Rp150k!

In this innovative pricing scheme, Premium Economy class Whoosh fares will now fluctuate, allowing passengers to grab tickets at more pocket-friendly prices. The rates will range from IDR 150,000 (approximately $9.45) to IDR 250,000 (approximately $15.75), influenced by peak or off-peak hours, high or low seasons, and weekdays or weekends.

Eva Chairunisa, KCIC General Manager and Corporate Secretary highlighted that the dynamic pricing approach enables passengers to savour Whoosh trips at more economical prices during specific times. Eva says, “In this new scheme, it is possible that in one day, there are several different rates for Whoosh trips.”

The elements influencing dynamic pricing encompass peak or off-peak hours, high or low season, and weekdays or weekends. Expect higher rates during peak hours or high seasons, while off-peak moments offer more budget-friendly options. Passengers can tailor travel plans to suit their preferences, needs, and budget.

How to buy Whoosh! High-Speed Train

To secure your Whoosh tickets, utilize official channels such as the Whoosh application, ticket.kcic.co.id site, Ticket Vending Machines, and station official counters. Moreover, partner applications like Access by KAI, Livin by Mandiri, BRImo, and BNI Mobile Banking are also at your disposal for hassle-free bookings.

As of January 27, 2024, an impressive 1.4 million people have experienced the speed and convenience of Whoosh, shuttling between Jakarta and Bandung. The consistently high 60 to 80 percent occupancy rate underscores the sustained public interest in Southeast Asia’s first High-Speed Train.

The dynamic pricing strategy aims to provide added value for passengers, offering price flexibility that brings enhanced benefits to the community. KCIC will vigilantly oversee and assess the implementation of dynamic pricing to ensure it aligns with passenger needs and uplifts Whoosh operations.

Free entry tickets to Tourist spots

Beyond the dynamic fare strategy, KCIC is actively elevating services for passengers. Collaborating with 12 renowned tourist, culinary, and lodging destinations in the Bandung area, the company offers exciting promotions such as free entry tickets or discounts to those with Whoosh tickets.

Tourist spots like Dusun Bambu, Farmhouse, Floating Market, and culinary hotspots like Baker Street Resto Cimandiri branch are part of this fantastic collaboration. KCIC is committed to ensuring your Whoosh experience is seamless, including collaborations with online ticket sales agents and introducing a hassle-free refund process through the application.

Eva emphasized, “Several service improvements will continue to be made as part of KCIC’s strategy to increase public interest in switching to Whoosh High-Speed Train as a more environmentally friendly public transportation option. The High-Speed Train aims to reduce congestion and pollution caused by road vehicles.” Get ready for a smoother, more exciting journey with Whoosh!

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